The Benefits of Buying a Used RV

The debate among RVers regarding whether it’s better to buy new or used is a hot topic—and it has been for years and will continue to be so for many more. The reason is that there are risks and benefits to both options, and each individual RV-lover must calculate which benefits and which risks are of the greatest importance in their case. Visit travel trailers for sale to find the right RV for your needs.

Of course, we edge to the opinion that buying a used RV is one of the best and better choices. Why, you ask? Here are the top reasons that we believe used RVs are often a better bet than brand new.

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Reason #1: The Cost

This is the most obvious reason for purchasing a used RV. The fact is, the moment that you drive a brand new RV off the lot, it starts depreciating—and quickly. The price of a new recreational vehicle drops by approximately 30% as soon as you drive it home, and will fall an additional 10-20% in the next two years. Buying a used RV allows the previous buyers to take the hit on depreciation, and the savings go into your wallet

A good range to look for when buying a used RV is one that is between one to five years old. These are newer models that will generally have much less wear and tear on them. Many of these will have belonged to an affluent family that trades in their older model for a new model every few years or so, just to keep up on the warranty. This means that you have an opportunity to get a recent model for a fraction of the cost for a new one.

But we will be honest with you—the downside to purchasing a used RV is that you will not (most likely) have any warranty. If something breaks, it’s up to your wallet to pay for the costs to fix it. Be aware that, if buying a used RV, you might be looking at higher maintenance costs. On the plus side, however, it’s uncommon that those maintenance costs add up to anything near what you would have paid for a new RV.

Reason #2: More Reviews

When you purchase an older model RV, you have the benefit of years of experience and reviews from other RVers. The latest models, even if it’s from a reliable brand, haven’t had the quantity of users necessary to give an accurate picture of whether the RV is reliable. Finding an older RV that has had thousands of reviews from other devoted RV travellers that are primarily positive should give you a good idea that this particular RV model can last many years with relatively little repairs and be a comfy cozy road-home for you.

Reason #3: Features Can Be Added

One of the biggest reasons that people opt for the newest models is the additional or latest features. The fact is, many of the older versions of RV have the capacity to have those same features added to your RV. While they may not be ‘built it’, you can spend literally thousands of dollars less to have the same snazzy, new features. Keep in mind that adding those features can be costly. But it will cost less than a brand new RV model.  (Be sure to ask your RV dealer whether or not the model you’re considering will accommodate the features you’d like to add.)

Reason #4: Pay for Quality

Quality is one of the most important issues for any recreational vehicle. As it should be—this will be your home-away-from-home in the middle of goodness-knows-where. You should feel confident in the quality of your RV home.

Some RV brands outstand the others when it comes to quality, just as with any vehicle. Some used RV’s will be better quality. Sometimes a ten-year-old RV is actually of far sturdier stuff than the newest models are. The difference is that the newest model will be five times the price of the used RV.

Consider how much you have to invest in an RV. It is also better to opt for a better quality used vehicle than to spring for the lesser quality new RV.

What to Keep in Mind While Looking for an RV:

When you are in the market for RV’s, it’s best that you do your research before hitting up your local dealership. You should be thinking about these things:

  • How much do you have to spend on an RV? Consider the initial cost of purchase, monthly financing, and other expenditures, such as; maintenance, insurance, fuel/oil, towing, storage, campground fees, meals, and internet connectivity. This is your most important consideration.
  • What class of RV do you like most? What will best suit your family?
  • What floorplan do you prefer?
  • How much storage is available? (Are you a light traveller, or will you need ladders, tool bags, room for hobbies, etc)
  • What features do you want? Do you need a TV? Microwave? Electric pull-outs?
  • How much gas to the gallon will your preferred model get?

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you’re equipped to begin looking for your next RV! If you’ve decided that a used RV is a better option for you and your family, take a moment to look through our listings. We have RV’s available in nearly every class, model, and make, and are constantly bringing in new inventory. Let’s find you the RV home you need for your next adventure!

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